Metabolomics data analysis made easy

Datoma is a cloud computing web service solution that offers experimental scientists a fast and easy way to analyze mass spectrometry-based metabolomics data for free, while giving code developers the opportunity to increase visibility and usability of their code.

From data to knowledge, anytime, anywhere

Analyzing metabolomics data can be a time-consuming process, especially if you do not have bioinformatic skills. Datoma is intuitive, user-friendly and free of charge, so you can focus on your research without spending days learning how to install, configure and run complicated open-source software packages or costly commercial software.

From code to impact

Good science can not be done without good data analysis. Datoma offers code developers the possibility to share your code making it more accessible to a wider audience of researcher, increasing the likelihood that the code will be used by others. Datoma aims to be a comprehensive and accessible resource of data analysis tools helping to drive scientific progress

Why Datoma?

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Up to 10x faster processing times than conventional solutions
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The latest community-created tools and avoid vendor lock-in
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No installation needed, process the data from your browser
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New tools can easily be added to the infrastructure
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Instant resource provisioning and scalability to process large data volumes simultaneously
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Incorporate Datoma to your data analysis pipelines using the Python module and API